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Fascinating Facts About Aligarh

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Aligarh is a city located in the North Indian State of Uttar Pradesh. The city is quite well known for the agricultural trade centers that are put up here which has a number of processing plants for the agricultural goods. The Aligarh Muslim University, opened in the year 1875 as Anglo-Oriental College, is one of the leading universities in India. Aligarh is quite famously known for this university alone. There are a lot of Muslims dwelling in Aligarh. Kol was the ancient name of this city. Read on to know more interesting facts and figures about Aligarh and also the varied tourist attractions of this place.

About one third of the population consists of the Muslims in Aligarh. Formerly known as Kol, the city was founded in the year 1804 by the British who captured this place then. The city has a quaint look to it with sprawling buildings and not so crowded streets. You can have an afternoon visit to the Dor fortress, which served as a Mosque in the 8th century. The city is quite known for its Buddhist relation too! The Sankasya Mound Stupa is said to have been visited by Buddha himself. Everything about Aligarh has an old world charm related to it.


The Aligarh Muslim University students have gone on to revolt against the Government many a times. The revolutions and protests have re-shaped the entire city of Aligarh. Indeed, the students are a backbone to this city. In case you are visiting this city, travel guides are available to know everything about Aligarh. The nearest airport is in Delhi which receives international flights from all over the world. The railway station is located in the city itself and buses ply regularly to and from this place. Aligarh is also quite famous for its sweets.

Another interesting aspect about Aligarh is its markets. The markets in the city are a shopper’s paradise. The city is quite popular for Sherwani, a kind of an Indian traditional dress. The city also has some good theatres and multiplexes. Visiting this place in the months of October to March is the right option as the remaining months are quite hot and dry. Of late, the city has been divided into two sections; Old Aligarh (city) and New Aligarh (civil lanes). The city is also quite famous for the locks that they make. Locks produced here are exported all over the world.

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