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Wedding Photography SEO for Great Google Rankings

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Starting a wedding photography business is a great step in itself and getting your business to a successful level is another hurdle all together.

The key to getting traffic to your business and website is to market your business both offline and online. In this article we will outline how to get your website higher up on Google using an affective search engine optimisation strategy.

SEO for Google is an essential part of a website or web based business if you really want to become successful.

Your initial step is to evaluate your keywords that you will optimise for. This is very important as this can make or break your SEO campaign. In regards to wedding photography, the obvious keyword that you will target for is of course “wedding photography”. Add your city in it to localise your search results.

Once you have established your keywords you can then optimise your on page webpage with the correct meta-tag descriptions, place your keywords and correct titles when building a website.

If you are not computer savvy and not experience in web design, hiring a professional SEO and web-design company would be a great asset to your business.


In a nutshell, increasing your rankings on Google is a long process that will take time and should be done naturally. Optimising a site is basically getting credible, quality backlinks pointing back to your website domain. The links tell Google and the other search engines that if your site is linked to same niche sites, then your business topic is of good reference and will increase your rankings on Google for that specific keyword.

A great way to gain exposure online and get quality links is to participate on wedding forums via conversation. Add your thoughts to a particular topic which will get you a one way link from your signature profile. Setting up Facebook on the social sites will also gain a backlink and drive free traffic to your site also.

An excellent resource in gaining credibility online and acquiring a backlink is to submit articles to major directories such as EzineArticle submission and GoArticles. The points mentioned above are all SEO properties that can be used to increase your page rank on Google and effectively drive quality traffic to your wedding photography business.



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