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The Most Impressive Psychics – The Simple Signs a Psychic is Extremely Accurate (& For Real)

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Do the most impressive psychics all “hang” out together? How can you find the most impressive psychics without spending a fortune, traveling a great distance or having to kiss a ton of psychic “frogs” first? Are there tell tale signs a psychic is really great and accurate? In this article I’m going to share with you a little bit from my 20 some odd years of psychic readings, writings and research, in the hope that it genuinely helps YOU get an amazing psychic reading. Ready to learn more? Great… continue reading as we take a closer look below!

Okay… but do the most impressive psychics reveal their accuracy right away? Or does it take a few minutes to truly figure out they’re that good?

Honestly? I’ve had readings where I “knew” in under 5 minutes a psychic was special… and others, it took 20 or even 30 minutes to truly recognize how great the reading was. For example… I had a reading in a small, out of the way resort town done a bunch of years back… and the first 10 minutes or so were boring me to tears..:-) But all of a sudden, this reader started putting together all of these disparate facts, figures and seemingly unrelated statements in such a way that I literally almost fell out of my chair! (and it happened AFTER I had decided it was going to be a bad reading for sure!)

But do genuine psychics have any tell tale signs? Anything that one should look for when getting their first reading?


Truthfully? I look for humility. (something you can “read” into the personality of the reader right away) I like an open mindedness… and someone who does NOT ask lots of leading, open ended questions. (a sure fire sign that they are cold reading or fishing for answers) The most impressive psychics will rarely let YOU do the most talking. Instead, they’ll want as little information from you as possible… while still allowing them to follow a certain path, or intuitive instinct with what they see, feel or “hear” during the session.

Another sign you should look for?

An accurate psychic will jump right in… and NOT beat around the bush. They’ll start getting stuff fairly fast… and will share what comes through BEFORE making a whole bunch of chit chat! Nothing frustrates me more than seeing people snookered by psychics who make a lot of “small talk”… only to use what they’ve learned later in the reading. (don’t fall for that for sure!) And lastly… accurate psychics have fans, and a track record of success. that’s the first thing I look for… especially online! (longevity is a GREAT sign you’re signing up for the real deal!)



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