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One way to spread the word about your website or blog is to offer amusing and entertaining content to other sites. Other sites love free content that has bells and whistles or a useful function of some kin. There are several ways to do this. All it takes is a little creativity and some programming knowledge to create a piece of code that allows others to paste an object that relates to your site.

This piece of code could be any kind of Internet knick-knack. It could be a horoscope, a short poll or a guessing game. It could be a calendar, a list keeper or some kind of puzzle or word generator. The possibilities are endless. Just be sure whatever it is that you invent that it is something that your readers will want. For instance if you are writing a blog about astrology you might want to provide them with a piece of code that displays their daily horoscope. If you are doing a dating blog you might want to post a piece of code that generates a yes/no response from the reader such as “Who should phone back first after sex – a man or a woman?”

People also like free clip art. If you have the ability to create clip art or provide a clip art library (that relates to your theme of course) to individuals then you will be sure to attract more traffic to your blog. This helps get your name out there so that it is associated with creativity and unique resources.


A really good example of this type of content in action is at faç, which offers a full-fledged tarot, rune, numerology and celebrity horoscope reading scheme as a free program that can be placed on other sites. The reason it is being cited as an example here is because it is so glitzy, full of bells and whistles and also very popular.

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