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Outsourcing IT Support

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The IT department is essential to the smooth operation of any company, irrespective of size. Failure of the computer applications, email servers or network equipment will ultimately affect the performance of any company. Outsourcing the IT services enables the client company to focus on its core productive activity while the problems related to technical support are passed to a specialized firm.

Most of the providers of IT outsourcing solutions focus on a portfolio of large corporate clients, thus ensuring a solid ground for their business. Small businesses tend to be overlooked in the process; however, they also need to reduce the costs of their IT support, to benefit from high quality IT expertise, to manage their staff more efficiently and to increase their overall value. In short, they may also want to resort to IT outsourcing.

A small business may decide to outsource all or part of its IT support, according to its needs. The outsourced services may range from help desk (call-center and/or field) support to security administration, application support or even to the hosting of the clients’ infrastructure in a professional data-center. In the latest years, the process of outsourcing a client’s infrastructure has come hand in hand with the concept of cloud computing or virtualization, seen as the ultimate solution for cost reduction. More and more companies are retaining the services of IT outsourcing providers to consolidate their infrastructure. Server virtualization may prove extremely beneficial for small businesses, because it cuts the hardware and service costs, increases the manageability of production servers, reduces recovery time in case of disasters and improves the overall stability of the network.


Most of the above mentioned services may be performed remotely, this being a more convenient solution as it leads to a reduction of costs, a minimization of downtime and of productivity loss and a faster settlement of problems. However, some outsourcing providers also ensure on-site technicians.

Consequently, the benefits to be derived from outsourcing are not to be overlooked. In addition to cost saving, outsourcing boosts the general performance of the company, allows the company to direct its entire attention to the profit-generating activities and ensures a transfer of best practices, documented processes, methodologies etc. from the provider to the client company. In a world in which business is becoming increasingly complex, IT services have to keep pace and evolve as well. Outsourcing may turn out to be not only a trend, but also the future feasible solution for business entities’ IT support problems.

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