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Easiest Way To Make Amazing Income Online Without Any Capital

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Everyone needs to make money; and not just money but Amazing income.

You are about to get the hidden formula to start generating amazing income from the internet without any investment, or if you don’t have any product to sell or service to offer.

The key to making money without having an initial capital is Blogging and Online Publishing– it is a system whereby you write and publish content or articles online for the purpose of bringing traffic that will allow you make money. What you will need for this is explained in the following subjects and steps:

Online Presence/Web Space: A web space is needed for to make money. You will need an online presence if you have a good or service that can be sold or information to offer online. For online publishing you will need to have a blog- free or paid. You can get a good and free blog at Create a blog on a trending niche or a topic you love or have passion for.

Content: Content is king! You will need content on your blog. You will need to know how to write good content or articles but if you don’t know how to write, then you can buy articles or hire someone to write them for you, but since we are discussing how to make money without capital, you can get free articles on almost any topic on Since this is an article directory where anyone can copy articles and use on their websites or publications, all you need to do is to make some editions to the articles so that they don’t look the same way everywhere on the internet.

Monetization: Now these are the means of generating income from the blog you have created. Monetization means putting money-making opportunities, programs or systems in place to make money from your blog. You should apply for AdSense at and after you have been admitted, generate and place AdSense codes on your blog. You should also become an affiliate to related products and put their links on your blog. You can get lots of products from ClickBank, Amazon, etc. If anyone clicks on the Google ads or purchases any product through your affiliate link, you will make money!


Traffic: Without traffic, you will never make any money. You will need to find a way to bring people to visit your blog each and every time. Of course, unique and quality content will bring that. Moreover, after you have created your blog, add your blog to For traffic generation, write an article on related topic and submit to a free article directory with your blog address in your resource box. Create a Facebook page and Twitter handle for your blog concept, find and grow users and anytime you post new content on your blog; paste the link to the article on the social media pages so that it will show on the walls of people that have liked your page or followed you and entice people to read and even share it again. You can create your social media pages the same time you create your blog. Anytime you post new article on your blog, you should alert the online community by pinging with

Once you have created your blog, you should begin publishing an article daily for two weeks before adding to and applying for Google AdSense. You may later decide to have a fixed number of articles and times to post them weekly. This will be depending on your blog niche and topic, if it is celebrity or gossip then your posts has to be timely and consistent. For others, a minimum of three per week should be okay.

If you start making money, you should invest in domain name (you can buy a domain name and root on, paid web space, quality content, and paid traffic.



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