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How to Make Money Online With Expired Domain Names 3 Different Ways

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There are lots of people who will tell you how to make money online…there are tons of options…and each option has tons of variations. Take expired domain names for example…there a lot of ways to make money online just by starting with an expired domain name! Let me tell you about three top ways: park it, niche it and sell it.

Number One: Park It

The number one way to make money with expired domain names is through parking. The reason I put it as number one is not because it is the best use of the traffic-it’s not-but it is the easiest use of the traffic.

In a nutshell what “Park It” means is that you get a domain name and redirect that name to a parking service. They do the hard work from there. They build a website and optimize it…their goal is to make every visitor worth as much as possible. They select the ads that will go on the page…working with Google or Yahoo…and they optimize the ads to get the most money possible.

Parking services are free for you as the domain name owner. You pay them nothing…they pay you a portion of the revenue that is generated from the ads on the site.

With parking they do all the work and all you have to do is literally cash the check…or I guess if you take PayPal you don’t even have to do that! So, parking is the easiest no-brainer method for making money with expired domain names.

Number Two: Niche It

The second method for profiting from expired domains is if you have an existing site in a specific niche. Then you can buy domains that are very specific to your domain…to your specific keywords.


Again you redirect traffic…this time to your existing sales funnel. Say you’ve had a site for a while, you probably know how many dollars each visitor is worth to you and you are working to make each visit as profitable as possible.

Now you can get more traffic-targeted traffic-quickly and easily to your site.

So, oftentimes, this can be a lot more profitable than simply parking the site. It could be a lot better just to redirect the domains to your existing website.

You could buy one expired domain and point it to your site…but why stop there? Why not buy many…even dozens or a hundred…different domains that all relate tightly to your niche. Now redirect those to your site. That would go a long ways to get you some really sweet traffic, wouldn’t it?

Number Three: Sell It

The third way to make money from expired domains is buy them and turn around and sell them again.

You can buy domains and hold them for a while…in the mean time you can park them for some immediate cash, of course. Or if you aren’t looking for huge gains, you can do the research and buy a really good domain name and then sell it on the aftermarket.

No matter which way you want to make money with expired domains, the key is to get a domain that already has good traffic. That way whether you decide to Park It, Niche It or Sell It you have a system that will work for you. And that’s really how to make money online…get your systems working for you!

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