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Cleansing The Aura With Water and Salt

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Your aura is like your energetic protective force field that not only protects you, but it also allows you to shine your light outward. Have you ever felt someone’s presence before even knowing they enter a room or say anything? It is probably because you felt their aura and what it is giving off.

Of course you want people to feel your True essence if you are someone who is not afraid for others to see who you truly are.

Your aura acts like an energetic magnet as well. When it is not cleansed, it can collect debris to the point that it gets weakened and not as proficient.

When your aura gets weakened, your body is susceptible to unwanted energy that can lead to sickness.

Why Do We Attract Energetic Debris?

Sometimes your aura can be broken down from pollution and smoke-filled environments, chemicals, computers, Internet, negative thinking and partaking in negative-like behavior or activities that lower your frequency.

Besides the pollution and environmental aspects, the negative thought patterns can actually be from years of built up unwanted energy that has unbalanced us emotionally and in all other aspects as well. A great and effective way to change these patterns is to ask for Divine guidance to assist us in letting go of all energetic baggage. This will help us break old patterns and cycles of behavior that do not serve us anymore.


Saltwater Bath

Salt and water are both great and natural purifying and cleansing agents for energetic debris.

Fill a bathtub with warm water and place a couple hand-fulls of salt (sea salt, bath salts, etc) in the water to dissolve.

Lay in the bathtub with the intent of all energetic debris being released and your aura strengthening and being cleansed.

As this process is happening, why not make it a meditative moment with soft music and candles. Just relax!

Cold Water Showers

Cold water is another natural way to cleanse our energetic field (chakras and aura). Not only does it cleanse the energy body, but it also does the following:

  • uplifts the mood
  • boosts energy levels
  • speeds up the healing process
  • improves circulation
  • detoxes your body (removes toxins)
  • helps to clear negative thinking

Cold showers may feel uncomfortable at first, but you can actually build a tolerance to this. Make sure to only do these a few seconds at a time at first and then build up to minutes at a time. Try not to shock your system.



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