Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression

Imagine being able to travel into the future and see what is happening in your life, in the world and beyond. Imagine seeing who is in your life, where you work and live. What would it be like to have the ability to see which decisions have worked out in your favour – and which choices would turn out to be disasters? How would you feel if you could jump into the future to you discover the solutions to your present problems?

We have all, at some point, wished we had the benefit of hindsight or have thought, ‘If only I knew then what I know now.’ Just imagine if you could travel back in time right now and have a word with yourself. What advice would you impart? No doubt you would give clear information on who to have in your life and who to avoid, what career moves to make and how to develop your talents. I bet you would had something to say on even who to marry, or live with, and where to buy a house.

I have been taking jumps forward in time, some short maybe three months others many years, and even many lifetimes, and I have seen into the future. What I have witnessed is more amazing than any science fiction movie. I haven’t been using some special space ship, I been time travelling with mind using a process called Future Life Progression, or FLP for short.

FLP works partly on the same basis as past life regression (PLR) but instead of moving into the past you jump into the future. The first time I heard about people moving forward in time was when I cam across Remote Viewing (RV), using your consciousness to travel to another place, which was pioneered by the CIA. The US agency spent millions on developing this tool as a successful method of psychic espionage and used it to identify the location of hostages, KGB spies, crashed planes, drug shipments – to name a few missions as revealed by many ex-psychic spies including F. Holmes ‘Skip’ Atwater. Skip trained and recruited remote viewers for the US army, rising to the rank of captain, and now works as research director at the Monroe Institute in America (a non profit research organisation dedicated to the exploration of human consciousness).

However, unlike Remote Viewing Future Life Progression is simple, quick and you don’t need to be in the CIA to learn how to use the process. I have now been using FLP regularly for five years and it has changed my life. I know what I need to do, who I need to have around me and have identified my soul purpose – the spiritual reason I chose to have this particular life. Even more amazingly, the things I have seen many years in the future have often happened much sooner, in some cases within days. By seeing the future I have brought it to me, I have sped up time from the future to the present. I have also spoken to my future self and gained insight and advice – hind site. By learning FLP through books, or workshops you can do the same.


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