Incoming VoIP Virtual Telephone Numbers & Low Cost International Calls

Stay Close to your Customers, business partners, family and friends having a local phone number in their location. Forward and receive the calls wherever you want, in your office, home, or mobile, anywhere in the world. Use with a softphone, VoIP telephone, pbx, or your own VoIP carrier.

With a local number on your phone or mobile your callers pay Local Call Rates when they call you. You save on international & forwarded calls with our very low rates & 30 second billing cycle.

Unlimited Incoming Calls, Low monthly costs, Instant Number activation, Buy Account Credit online. Our user friendly systems make managing your account easy. Our customer support is first class.

Answer your calls anywhere in the world with local numbers starting from €2.95 per month

Get your VoIP-In Local Telephone Number now!

You get your own regular fixed telephone phone number – starting from only €2.95 per month. So your friends can call you on a regular fixed telephone number and you can receive the call worldwide. No matter where you are.

FLEXIBLE OPTIONS BUY NUMBERS FOR YOUR OWN SIP SERVER DIRECT DID PEERING USE OUR SIP SERVER FORWARD CALLS RECEIVE CALLS MAKE CALLS SIP Trunk Available for Asterisk & PBX Clients With a local number on your phone or mobile your callers pay Local Call Rates.

To get your own telephone number login to your account page and select ‘Manage Phone Numbers’ from the main menu. Then simply select the country & area required, and purchase your local number. Telephone numbers are instantly activated and ready for use.

Unlimited Incoming Calls, Low per monthly rates, Instant Number activation. Update the Call Forwarding Number or SIP ring-to and view your account on our website wherever you are. Answer your call any where in the world with a local DID number.


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