Guitar Songs For Beginners – My Story Of Finding The Perfect Song

I love guitar songs for beginners because they help me reminisce about the old days of going to bars and music festivals. The opening acts and early, early shows would consist of people trying to pave their way into the world of music stardom doing cover tunes. I didn’t realize they were playing the beginner list so I was surprised to see that I had the same song choices to select from when I started to play guitar. The problem was that none of those songs would work for me because I had a destiny to fulfill with my guitar song. I was on a mission and taking on the losing end of a bet with my friends all at the same time.

How it all began my friends and I were playing Trivial Pursuit music edition one night. They were trying to cheer me up because the girl I liked wasn’t around and I suspected she wasn’t playing games with her buds like I was. I was going for my winning chit and prepared myself for the question that would make me victorious in pursuit of excellence. The question was, “Who established the standard dimensions of the modern guitar?” My heart sank and palms sweated up. I seriously only knew one guitar guy’s name. I had no choice and I threw it out there – Les Paul. Wrong! It was Antonio Torres Jurado. Seriously, even a psychic could not have pulled that one out of thin air. Well, it only got worse from there. I lost the game and lost the bet. I had to learn to play a song on the guitar and perform it for amateur night at the coffee house. Ugh – I was nervous. I have a pretty decent voice, but my musical instrument ability had never proven to be anything more than a hope.

How I went about deciding Like I mentioned, I have a decent singing voice so I thought that it may help cover up bad guitar playing if I sang along with it. I decided to make my lost bet pay off for me in some way. The girl that I was kind of seeing obviously didn’t know that I really liked her. I would sing a meaningful song to her with subtle connotations of what my thoughts were. You know the type of song – where the person it is meant for will naturally read between the lines and get what you’re saying. It always worked for other guys, so it had to work for me, right? The beginner song list didn’t have a single song that fit the bill. I went on a search and found just the right one. It was fairly easy to learn and had the recommended four chords; plus, it beautifully stated what I had to say to my possible Mrs. Right. I chose Anticipation by Carly Simon. The words were right, I felt comfortable learning it, and I really liked Carly Simon. This was as good as it would get. I even took the time to learn a few other songs of hers while I was at it – you got to love classic Carly.

Show time I had future Mrs. Right on her way to see me perform. She was so excited and eager to see my debut that she even went out of town to see her parents early so she could be back in time for my performance. This was going to be great. I was waiting behind the tiny makeshift stage for my turn. The curtain was portable and very small. I peaked around the corner to look at future Mrs. Right. She was involved in a conversation and smiling tenderly at this amazingly handsome man. Now that I reflect on it that same look was given to me the first night I met him. Hmmm. My anger rose, but I maintained my dignity. Naturally, my name was called to go on stage next. Well, I knew what I had to do. Mrs. Right wasn’t worth the fight and I was going to let him know just what I was feeling. To heck with the subtle message – I was delivering a message loud and clear. I went out onto stage and started to strum away at my guitar and sing with loud bravado. The glorious, liberating words to You’re So Vain started to come out of my mouth and my fingers strummed my guitar like I had been playing for at least six months. I was good and the message was delivered. In fact, everybody was staring at Mrs. Right because they could feel every bit of my energy going to him. She smiled and looked around nervously and then – poof – he was gone. Thank you, Carly, for being annoyed at Warren and two other undisclosed men. That anger was used to generate one of the best reclaim your power songs ever.

The end was just the beginning Today, I am more reserved with the songs I play on my guitar and I’ve never used it as a tool to call somebody out. Losing that Trivial Pursuit game turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me. Thank you Mr. Jurado, Ms. Simon, and Mrs. Right. You all inspired me to learn guitar songs for beginners.


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