Why Your Business Should Use Online Accounting Software

Cloud software has revolutionised the world of modern business, allowing people to work together remotely in real time -wherever they are in the world. The


Cloud software has revolutionised the world of modern business, allowing people to work together remotely in real time -wherever they are in the world. The Cloud allows multiple users to collaborate on pieces of work and have access to the same files and company documents from a PC, laptop or mobile phone.

If you’re familiar with cloud sharing, you may have also heard of cloud accounting. In much the same way that The Cloud allows users to collaborate on pieces of work and access files remotely, it also enables business owners and their accountants to work together to balance the books whilst on the move.

If you’re unfamiliar with cloud sharing, you may be daunted by the prospect of online accounting software. You may worry it will be difficult to implement and confusing to grasp; you might also be concerned about the security of your account information, particularly if you’ve not used cloud software before.

But online accounting was created with the aim of making life easier and more flexible for business owners. It will allow you to connect with your numbers, as well as financial advisers, at any time using any device. Not only that, but you should receive a full setup, implementation training and ongoing support from your provider.

Not only will you be able to access your accounts at any time, but using online accounting software will also provide you with a time saving payroll solution. You’ll have access to a snapshot of your payroll and leave information and super payments at any time. Super payments and tax updates will be also become automated.

This means that you’ll no longer need to spend hours in the back office manually entering your payroll information, or pay someone to do it for you: an intelligent computer system will take care of it whilst you get on with running your business.

You can even access your payroll on your mobile phone, so if you’re on the road more often than you’re sat at a desk, you’ll have everything you need to manage your business from your pocket.

Invoices will also be easier to manage. You can send an invoice the minute a job has been completed, and you will know when your customer has opened it. They will then be able to pay you quickly and easily. Your support team should also be able to help you manage your old invoices and keep on top of your incoming payments.

Most accounting apps also include a handy receipt-scanning function, allowing you to track your expenditure as and when it happens. So no more trying to keep receipts organised and having to input figures manually.

When it comes to implementing your new online accounting software, it’s important to find a well established, reputable IT network you can rely on. The company should have been in operation for a number of years, and have a portfolio of success stories from other companies who have benefited from their support.

The company’s existing clients should be listed on their website, as well as any testimonials or positive reviews they may have received. It’s useful to read these to gauge how reliable, professional and helpful the company is before you think about contacting them.

You should be able to find a number of different contact methods, including telephone numbers and e-mail support. It’s best to contact an adviser directly and explain the requirements of your business from the outset. Many IT providers are able to provide completely bespoke solutions to suit their client’s unique needs.

Make sure the company you contact offer support as well as implementation of your new software – you need to know that you will be able to call on an expert at any time.


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